Caroline's Clients: From Overwhelmed to Organized






Successful Clients Say

Now everything is simple to maintain!

"I finally look forward to being in my home and home office! Recently a friend came to stay with me (who has visited frequently in the past) and she said she enjoyed staying in my apartment so much more. She said there was a whole new energy. Caroline has given me not only the intellectual tools, but also emotional strategies so that I have a system that works for me & I can sustain.


Entrepreneur and Business Owner, New York 

My organized space has reduced anxiety and stress!

The mess in my bedroom and closet spun out of control, but I accepted it because I couldn't see any other way.  Caroline was terrific not only at figuring out how to use what I had, but also at making the pieces and space match my routine and habits. She is patient, creative and efficient. It sounds cheesy, but having an organized space really can help reduce anxiety and stress! 


Educational Consultant, California


Consultant, New York

A more spacious, clutter free home even with a busy life!

I really had let the clutter encroach, but Caroline was able to quickly assess what I could do, and still work within my busy schedule.  I felt less vulnerable than I'd expected, and was even able to quickly fill three garbage bags during my first session.  I now have a plan and ideas for what types of things I can use for storage, and have continued to create more space since our first session!

Now getting ready and out the door for any occasion is fun and easy!

My home was disorganized, hard to live in, and I was never able to find or remember anything I had.  I would often end up with duplicates of items because I wasn’t able to find or didn’t remember I owned the things I needed.  Now, getting ready for work, outings, every occasion is easy and actually fun!


CEO, New York

My space is now thoughtful and intentional!
Before working with Caroline, I was managing spaces, but ineffectively and inefficiently.   I was often overwhelmed and unable to find what I needed.  With Caroline’s help, I was able to establish organizational systems that are thoughtful and intentional.


Educator, New York