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It's not your fault and it's not what you think!

Do you feel frustrated, guilty, or overwhelmed with clutter and disorganization in your home? Have you tried to get organized before, but didn’t know where to start or burned out before the job was done?

You’re not alone! It’s absolutely not your fault your home is disorganized; it’s not lack of discipline or motivation and it’s NOT a personal failing. Organizing isn’t an intuitive skill, and it’s probably not something you were taught how to do... until now.

It's time to learn how to declutter and organize your home in a way that works for YOU. It’s time for you to feel calm, rejuvenated, and joyful in your home. 

Learn the true reason your home organization attempts have failed, and how to break the cycle with my 3 steps to organizing your home in a way that feels authentic, artful, and empowering. Cut the clutter and get your shirts together!

Email me at caroline at overwhelmedorganizing.com to schedule this talk for your group.