My Approach


In my home organizing programs, we’ll start right where you are in your space and create specific goals and systems that fit YOU, your lifestyle, and your preferences for your home.


During our live video sessions, we’ll discuss what’s working and what’s not, and I’ll teach you my signature system for creating the home that you want, need and deserve. 

I’ll Personally Guide You Through My Signature System 


No more flying solo or trying to make the time. No more getting overwhelmed or freezing up in the face of piles of stuff. Your sessions with me will solve all of this. 

During our private sessions we’ll cover topics like… 


  • The essential mindset for tidy, artful living: I’ll teach you how to shift your mindset from frustrated and overwhelmed to excited, hopeful, and forward-looking. This will be the key to seeing this organizing project all the way through.


  • The art of sorting and clearing without overwhelm: Learning how to sort the right way is key to changing how you think, making things doable and creating results, fast.  I’ll teach you how to easily assess where you have duplicates and unnecessary items and what to do about it. Guaranteed you will feel more abundant after this step!


  • The art of knowing what to keep and what to release: Next, I’ll teach you how to ensure that you’re keeping only things that you love and use and make your life better. I’ll coach you on how to make decisions about difficult items and how to let go to move forward and create the home life of your dreams.


  • The art of designing intuitive, easy to maintain systems: We’ll assess the items you’ve chosen to keep and design a simple, personalized organizing system to guarantee easy access to what you need with an aesthetic that you love. This is all about setting up your home to support you, not drain you. 


  • The art of making maintenance happen: Maintaining your systems and adjusting them as your needs change ensures they work for you forever: I’ll teach you how to adapt, upgrade and tweak your new systems to keep your home decluttered and organized for good.

Ready to start?
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